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Complete your colocation project in Luxembourg

Do you need data center colocation services in Luxembourg? Do you want client engagement experience that rivals any of the top tier consulting firms but not pay any of the fees? If so, then COLOTRAQ is the firm for you. Let our proprietary sourcing methodology and connections help you complete your project in Luxembourg. Our almost 500 partners (in 1,200 markets across 160 countries) can bid on your colocation project, whether you’re reaching capacity in your existing facility, looking to relocate your data centers, or searching for a lower cost provider. All of this at no direct charge from COLOTRAQ.

Overview of Luxembourg market

Strategic Location: Luxembourg’s small, stable, high-income economy - benefiting from its proximity to France, Belgium, and Germany - has historically featured solid growth, low inflation, and low unemployment. Its unique location enables low latency access to the most important European peering locations (namely, Paris, Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt). The country has a skilled workforce and a well-developed infrastructure, and is quickly emerging as a major European content magnet, because of its very high-quality data centers, a favorable corporate environment, and low-latency fiber routes to the major European peering hubs.

Infrastructure: Luxembourg’s government is trying to diversify the economy by promoting their country as an information technology and e-commerce hub. Blue chip companies like Skype, RTL, and SES Astra were founded, and are still headquartered, there. To foster innovation and continue to build their economy, Luxembourg is committed towards supporting the data center industry via tools such as investment tax credits, new business credit, and specific tax regime for research & development.

As of 2010, a network of more than 15 data centers is present in Luxembourg. Because of that infrastructure, Luxembourg is home to one of the best data center parks in Europe. This park is split into two equal groups: half of them offer Tier IV design and the other half is Tier III.

Let COLOTRAQ’s value-add work for you!

COLOTRAQ brings our clients a significant value-add: we know the business, markets, and facilities.

We do not own, operate, or work for any data center providers — yet we work with all of the commercial data centers in Luxembourg. This makes us completely neutral and independent, and results in our clients getting to pick the best of the best. This also promotes fair competition and ensures that you get the best data center provider, at the best price, based on your requirements, not on quotas.

Furthermore, the data center sourcing consultants we employ have extensive market and facility knowledge. They save you money and time by working directly with our data center providers, reviewing your requirements, and getting you competitive proposals.

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