Using an Explosion to Build a Data Center

June 19, 2013 · 0 comments

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While blowing things up may lead people to think of destruction, sometimes it’s the only way to rebuild. And when it comes to building a data center, often it’s the only option. But these should be controlled explosions that allow the company to target what they need.

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More times than not, explosive force isn’t necessary to build a data center, but some sites already have such a dense foundation that using a little TNT is necessary to get the desired results. At the same time, though, just as real TNT is dangerous, “blowing up” a data server can cause some real problems. That’s why it’s important to make sure that any company follows some simple protocols before yelling “fire in the hole!”

Make sure everyone around the blast site knows that this construction is happening. People are going to have questions about how it affects them. They’ll want to know when it’s happening and for how long. A company should also make sure that no one ventures into the data sectors that are primed for demolition. Set up some roadblocks and signs so that everyone knows to keep out.

A company should also be prepared for the detonation. No one knows what’s going to rain down, and it could cause damage, whether to the server or to the person pulling the switch. Chances are, however, that no matter how many memos a company sends out, someone’s going to be ticked off that these explosions are going on. Make sure to handle all of these situations face-to-face, so that building your data center does not become a PR nightmare.

And, of course, make sure to actually listen to the people who are unhappy with the situation. People will want assurance that building the data center isn’t going to cause problems in the long run; without active listening, there’s no way to assure them that their concerns are being heard and considered. In the end, you’ll look forward to telling everyone that the construction is over.

Everyone will be happy that the explosions have stopped and that there is a shiny new data center. Of course, there may be some cleanup, and it may take some time, but if a company needs to do some demolition to create their data center, it’ll be worth it eventually

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